Well Drilling Professionals

Talon has the ability to drill in any subsurface condition. We are proud to offer a full range of drilling capabilities, backed by extensive experience and knowledge of the industry. Our staff is more than capable of handling any drilling formation. That familiarity is coupled with our flexibility to perform drilling with methods that best suit your particular project. In addition, we have an NJDEP certified master well driller on staff, which allows us to get approval, abandon, and file decommissioning reports for every type of existing well. You can trust us to ensure that an old well never holds up your project or sale!

We specialize in the following services

Please do not hesitate to inquire about a particular project if it is not listed below.

Hollow Stem Auger Drilling 3 1/4 to 12 1/4-inch ID

Mud Rotary Drilling 6 to 14-inch ID

Air Rotary Drilling 6 to 14-inch ID

Air Percussion Rotary Drilling (Down-The-Hole Hammer) 6 to 14-inch ID

Geoprobe Direct Push Sampling

  • Truck-mounted Geoprobe 5400
  • Geoprobe 4220 mounted on a 4-wheel drive Bobcat ATV

All Terrain Rigs (ATV)

  • Geoprobe
  • Hollow Stem Auger and Rotary
  • Rock Coring

Odex – 4,6-8, and 12-inch ID

Hydropunch Sampling

Rock coring (NQ and HQ)

Soil Sampling

  • Split Spoon (2-inch, 3-inch)
  • Shelby Tube
  • Pitcher Sampler

Ground Water Sampling

Well Sealing And Abandonment

ORC And HRC Injection

Well Repairs

Down Hole Camera Surveys

Vacuum Excavation

Vane Shear Testing

Packer Testing

Well Installation

  • Monitoring Wells
  • Recovery Wells
  • Water wells/Production Wells
  • Vapor Extraction Points

Well Development And Redevelopment

GPS Well Locating Services

GIS Post Processing Services

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We at Talon Drilling make it our priority to always stay current with the ever-evolving industrial safety landscape. From our complete line of drills to our comprehensive industry knowledge – you can trust that we will perform each job with care, efficiency, and the utmost skill. Don’t waste another drilling day, visit our contact us page today to get started! We look forward to tackling your project.

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