The Reichdrill is a powerful air rig with a 900 CFM and 350 PSI compressor. The rig is capable of drilling a 6-inch diameter hole to a depth of approximately 2,000 feet, or an 8 inch up to 16 inch diameter hole to a lesser depth. Talon has drilled bedrock to a depth of 1450 feet for a geothermal heat ground loop and the rig will do more.

Talon Drilling Company Equipment Mobile B-90


This rig is capable of drilling auger, air, and mud rotary without a tag a-long compressor. Utilizing it’s large onboard air compressor, it’s able to switch between hollow stem auger and rotary drilling in minutes. In addition, it’s 25-foot stroke will have your well installed in no time. This drill rig is extremely useful in the Mid-Atlantic region where there is often a need to install and sample wells through overburden into rock. Talon’s Mobile B-90 is one of the only rigs of it’s kind with it’s capabilities in the entire country.

Talon Drilling Company Equipment Acker Soil XLS ATV


Rubber track-mounted all-terrain drill rig. This rig is capable of drilling; hollow stem auger, mud rotary, air rotary, and air hammer techniques. The rig has a full function radio remote control. The structural steel mast can be as little as 10 feet tall to allow access to low-overhead areas. The mast mounting allows for angle drilling as well as vertical drilling. The rig is also equipped with a cathead for hoisting and performing standard penetration tests. The rig carries a 160-gallon onboard welded steel water tank.

Talon Drilling Company Equipment Mobile B-59


The Mobile B-59 is a versatile medium-duty drill rig. It can run hollow stem augers or perform using mud rotary, air rotary or down-the-hole hammer drilling techniques. This drill rig has 12,000 foot pounds of torque enabling it to drill with up to 12 V4-inch diameter hollow stem augers capable of sampling soils and rock coring up to a depth of 1,000 feet, installing 2-inch and 4-inch diameter monitoring wells and recovery wells to 10-inch diameter.

Talon Drilling Company Equipment Failing F-10


The Failing F-10 is a multi-purpose rig that has 15,000/30,000 foot pounds of torque utilizing a 10-foot stroke. This makes the drill easy to convert from hollow stem augering to mud rotary drilling; Utilizing an auxiliary air supply and is capable of 6, 8, and 10-inch air hammer drilling to a depth of approximately 300 feet.

Talon Drilling Company Equipment Vacmasters System 1000


This vacuum trailer advances borings and clears utilities in minutes using air or water. The trailer is equipped with an onboard 200 gallon spoils tank and can be operated from up to 200 feet away for hard to access areas.

New Jersey Drilling Company Talon Drilling


This track mounted unit is capable of advancing probe holes, taking soil, ground water and vapor samples. In addition, the 7720DT can auger in small diameter wells as well as sample formations that would have previously caused refusal. At just five feet wide the 7720DT can go almost anywhere. Utilizing a roller bit and tag a long compressor, Talon has successfully used this rig to perform air rotary drilling to power through tough conditions.

Talon Drilling Company Equipment Geoprobe 4220 mounted on an ATV Bobcat


Mounted on a 4-wheel drive Bobcat fitted with rubber tracks, this unit is capable of drilling probe holes, taking soil/water samples in a variety of rough terrain environments. The 4220 can drill in locations with only six feet of overhead clearance.

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